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Your BOSS for space management

BOSS is a warehouse tailored to your today’s and tomorrow’s needs.
Our innovative combination of automation and modularity
is the answer to the requirement of intelligent
storage of products, materials, elements and goods.


The Warehouse that grows with your company

Modularity is what allows the BOSS warehouse to be adapted to your available space
and not the space to the warehouse. Thanks to our modern solution you will not have
to worry where to put your warehouse in the company, because the BOSS
system will manage the area you indicate. Your warehouse will grow with your requirements.


BOSS on top of your warehouse

Warehouse is operated from above and this gives the opportunity to
construct the warehouse or parts of it above the surface.
The space below the warehouse can be used for machines and equipment or work done at level 0.
This solution allows you to manage every square meter of the hall.


BOSS for HR chalenges, time and money savings

Your time is precious and the simplicity of operating BOSS saves it for you.
You control the situation: know the actual stock level, check the flow of goods
or the actions of your employees. BOSS warehouse saves the rising costs of employment.
It is an anwser to the lack of specialized staff. This warehouse can work 24/7 and it
can be operated by each authorized employee.


Full automation

BOSS warehouse is fully automated, which enables simple operating, recording of stock
as well as quick inventory. The device has its own built-in
WMS, thanks to which it can be an independent unit and
work without any additional requirements, but at the same time
is ready to connect to an existing ERP system in the company.

How BOSS works?
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