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Flow rack

BOSS for demanding spaces, BOSS flow.rack - is a flow rack warehouse which construction is based on the modules of the standard BOSS warehouse.

Compare a traditional warehouse with BOSS flow.rack

BOSS flow.rack warehouse

10.2 m
8.4 m
5.1 m

traditional warehouse

8.9 m
19.7 m

warehouse schema

Delivery and withdrawal of goods is carried out using standard BOSS transportation units. The flow rack thanks to its construction limits the amount of occupied space.

BOSS flow.rack ideally works as a vertical buffer, especially with large series of products.

Similar to the modular.warehouse it can be build completely or partly above ground.

The BOSS product family has been designed for maximum use of space and easy and quick expansion. It uses the same modules and method of operation, so you can combine them at any time. Thanks to this, the investment, operation and service costs are significantly reduced.

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