Strona testowa


step by step

01 Easy management

  • Operating on a big touchscreen for a better comfort
  • Intuitiv, user friendly software, with easy operating steps
  • hand scanner for faster and precisly operations 
  • reporting and inventory available in real time
  • archiving of all operations allows a control over the flow of goods, efectivity oft he warehouse and employee actions
  • BOSS warehouse is operated only by empowered employees
  • Optional in-build scale for veryfication and confirming of operations

02 Easy storage

  • Storage of articles in containers 
  • Automatic storage location selection - always the shortest access path
  • Possibility to set priorities for frequently rotating items
  • The number of deposited items can optionally be confirmed by scale
  • Storage in 3 steps: box withdrawal -> change of contents -> sending box back into place
  • The transaction take place via a transport unit with lift, that is operated from above

03 Simple withdrawal

Withdrawal of materials / goods is simple for the operator, it requires the use of the user panel or a scanner.

  • withdrawal from the warehouse is done through the search system after indicating the article number or name, or by scanning a barcode.
  • After entering the withdrawn quantity, optional verification by weight
  • Withdrawal carried out in 3 steps: box withdrawal -> changing the contents -> sending box back into place

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